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v = vegetarian | vg = vegan

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    • Mezedes / Mezedes / Mεζέδες

    • Dolmadakia (vg)

      Dolmadakia (vg)


      The Greek word for stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs, cooked with extra virgin oil. Option to be served with yogurt.

    • Fava Santorinis (vg)

      Fava Santorinis (vg)


      Split peas with caramelized onions and caper. Santorini, the famous Greek island, is the homeland of split peas.

    • Feta Cheese Cooked With Pastry (v)

      Feta Cheese Cooked With Pastry (v)


      A piece of feta cheese (around 80 gr) wrapped in a pastry crust, fried. Served poured with honey and sesame seeds on top.

    • Feta Cheese in the Oven (v)

      Feta Cheese in the Oven (v)


      Feta cheese cooked in the oven with fresh tomato and basil.

    • Feta Cheese with Oregano (v)

      Feta Cheese with Oregano (v)


      A piece of feta cheese poured with extra virgin olive oil and oregano. Feta cheese is a product known to us since the ancient Greek times. It is produced only by sheep and goat milk.

    • Kalamata Olives (vg)

      Kalamata Olives (vg)


      80 gr olives with oregano. Preserved in olive oil and vinegar.

    • Octopus



      Octopus with olive oil and vinegar.

    • Sausage Plate

      Sausage Plate


      Three kinds of sausages ( water buffalo of Kerkini lake, pork with leek and village sausage) served with mustard honey.

    • Pies / Pasteien / Πίτες

    • Cheese Pie (v)

      Cheese Pie (v)


      Tyropita’ (cheese-pie) is a Greek layered pastry food, made by layers of homemade pastry, filled with a cheese-egg mixture.

    • Chicken pie

      Chicken pie


      A delicious pie made with crunchy phyllo dough filled with chicken and sweet red pepper from Florina.

    • Fennel Pie (vg)

      Fennel Pie (vg)


      Fennel, onions and herbs as a pie.

    • Mushroom Pie (v)

      Mushroom Pie (v)


      Pie with mushrooms.

    • Spanakopita, Greek Spinach Pie (v)

      Spanakopita, Greek Spinach Pie (v)


      An authentic, really rich pie stuffed with spinach, onions, feta cheese, and herbs in α crispy, flaky homemade pastry.

    • Eggs / Eieren / Αυγά

    • Eggs With Kavroumas

      Eggs With Kavroumas


      Scrabbled eggs with cooked buffalo meat.



    • Kagianas (v)

      Kagianas (v)


      Scrabbled eggs cooked with fresh tomato.

    • Desserts / Nagerechten / Γλυκά

    • Baklava (v)

      Baklava (v)


      Baklava is a rich, sweet dessert made of layers of phyllo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held with syrup of honey.

    • Bougatsa, Cream Pie (v)

      Bougatsa, Cream Pie (v)


      Bougatsa is a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of semolina custard filling between layers of phyllo.

    • Chocolatina (v)

      Chocolatina (v)


      A dessert with pancake and chocolate cream, covered with chocolate glaze.

    • Galatopita, Milk Pie (v)

      Galatopita, Milk Pie (v)


      Galatopita or milk pie, has a crisp phyllo crust and a dense, satisfying custard filling made with semolina flour.

    • Kataifi (v)

      Kataifi (v)


      An amazing dessert made with roughly chooped nuts, wrapped into buttered crispy kataifi dough and bathed in lemon honing syrop.

    • Portokalopita, orange cake (v)

      Portokalopita, orange cake (v)


      Orange cake juicy, fragrant and so satisfying.

    • Ravani (v)

      Ravani (v)


      Dessert made with eggs, semolina and honey syrup.

    • Yoghurt with Fruit Preserve (v)

      Yoghurt with Fruit Preserve (v)


      Drained yoghurt with sweet fruit preserve. Traditional fruit preserve, no preservatives added.

    • Yoghurt with Honey (v)

      Yoghurt with Honey (v)


      Drained yoghurt with honey. Αuthentic thyme honey from the island of Lefkada.

    • Breads / Brood / Ψωμιά

    • Greek Bread

      Greek Bread


      Our Greek bread is a Koulouri Thessalonikis ( a special type of bagel) served with kasseri cheese and Florina pepper jam!

    • Serres



      Greek pita bread, tzatziki sause, tomato, parsley, onions and buffalo sausage.

    • Spreads / Smeersels / Αλοιφές

    • Humus



      Ckickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and of course olive oil! A delicious spread!

    • Roasted Eggplant Salad (vg)

      Roasted Eggplant Salad (vg)


      Aubergines cooked in the oven as puree, with roasted red peppers, olive oil, garlic and vinegar.

    • Taramosalata



      Taramosalata is a Greek meze made from tarama, the salted roe of the cod mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and a starchy base of bread or potatoes.

    • Tyrokafteri (v)

      Tyrokafteri (v)


      A spicy feta cheese dip.

    • Tzatziki (v)

      Tzatziki (v)


      Fine greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and mint. Εxtra virgin olive oil and fresh white pepper.

    • Salads / Σαλάτες / Salades

    • Beetroot Salad (vg)

      Beetroot Salad (vg)


      Deep red colored with huge amounts of iron, so good for our body. Boiled beetroots, green apple, salt, pepper, garlic, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and some walnuts.

    • Chickpeas Salad (vg)

      Chickpeas Salad (vg)


      Chickpeas boiled with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and pepper with extra virgin olive oil.

    • Dakos (v)

      Dakos (v)


      Barley rusk of Kreta with fresh tomato, cheese, cappers, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

    • Grilled Vegetable Salad (v) (vg)

      Grilled Vegetable Salad (v) (vg)

      €7.35 small

      Grilled vegetable salad with aubergines, courgettes, red and yellow peppers, onions, dry small tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

    • Horiatiki (v)

      Horiatiki (v)


      The well known Greek salad made the way it should! Tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese, capers, salt, pepper, oregano, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Its Greek name is ‘village’ salad. Does anyone know why? Maybe because its components can be found in every garden of people in villages. Good bread is necessary, so all that fine olive oil won’t go to waste.

    • Horta Vrasta (vg)

      Horta Vrasta (vg)


      Boiled greens as a salad.

    • Roasted Eggplant Salad (vg)

      Roasted Eggplant Salad (vg)


      Aubergines cooked in the oven as puree, with roasted red peppers, olive oil, garlic and vinegar.

    • Main Dishes / Hoofdgerechten / Κυρίως Πίατα

    • Dolmadakia Kima

      Dolmadakia Kima


      Grape leaves stuffed with rice and mince meat. Lemon eggs sauce on top.

    • Eggplants Imam (vg)

      Eggplants Imam (vg)


      Eggplants baked with extra virgin olive oil, feta cheese and fresh tomato. Vegan dish without feta cheese. Served with french fries.




      Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and herbs in the oven

    • Giant Beans in the Oven (vg)

      Giant Beans in the Oven (vg)


      Giant beans with onions, fresh tomato, carrots and parsley cooked in the oven. A delicious plate that matches perfectly with roasted sausages. Best friends with a glass of good red wine.

    • Giouvarlakia, beef mince and rice soup

      Giouvarlakia, beef mince and rice soup


      Rice and beef meatballs in a thick soup of creamy egg-lemon sauce.

    • Gyros Chicken

      Gyros Chicken


      A portion of gyros with french fries, pita bread, a small salad and tzatziki sauce.

    • Gyros Pork

      Gyros Pork


      A portion gyros served with fries, pita bread, salad and tzatziki.

    • Keftedakia, Beef Meatballs with Herbs

      Keftedakia, Beef Meatballs with Herbs


      Premium minced beef meatballs with herbs and onion. Fried in real olive oil. Served with a bit of tzatziki, fries, fresh tomato and pita bread.

    • Lachanodolmades



      Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and beef minced meat. Cooked with extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Lemon-eggs sauce on top.

    • Mousakas (the Famous)

      Mousakas (the Famous)


      Layers of potatoes, aubergines and prime minced beef topped with handmade béchamel sauce.

    • Okra in the Oven (vg)

      Okra in the Oven (vg)


      Okra, onions, mint and fresh tomato, cooked in the oven with extra virgin olive oil. Served with french fries.

    • Orzo With Cuttlefish

      Orzo With Cuttlefish


      Small pasta (orzo) with cuttlefish. Dry myzithra cheese on top.

    • Tigania Chicken

      Tigania Chicken


      Chicken cooked with onions, dry tomatoes and feta cheese.