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For the Mediterranean people the sea has always been a benchmark. We plan our daily life based on the sea and the weather.

From the ancient time, sea was the way of communication among the people and the only to exchange products, habits and traditions.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

The elements of a cuisine are three :

  • The ingredients, the rareness and the quality of them
  • The respect to nature
  • The Mediterranean climate

The third element, the Mediterranean climate, has a huge impact in the quality of the vegetables and the cooking style.

The exclusive usage of olive oil as the only source of fats, the blend of herbs and vegetables and the high-quality animal proteins are creating a light and balanced diet.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet were recorded by scientists in 1950. A sample of 5.000 people from 8 different parts of earth, Finland, USA, Holland, Italy, Serbia, Morocco, Spain and Crete, which is an island of Greece was taken. After 45 years (1996) Crete has the lowest percentage of mortality and illnesses and the inhabitants of Crete live 40% longer.

More precisely, Mediterranean diet is based on gifts from the nature. The Mediterranean people are using everything that is produced by mother-earth in their diet. In most of the dishes there is a complex of herbs, vegetables, grains and proteins. The animal consumption was limited, and it was common only on Sundays and festivities.

The Mediterranean table includes a lot of dishes in small portions, so everyone can create their own dish and that’s the secret to a healthy and balanced diet.